My anceint king past life, one of them, told me about the society he was from, a society where no one was in a dungeon, everything was legal as long as it didn't hurt anybody, and it was a happee society.


     Past lives are for helping people remember their lives, and personalities on Earth after reincarnating, and for helping them meet the right one to marry, or be with for some things, do plans, be at events, right jobs, to go to certain schools planned to be at before reincarnating, unless the human chose to be an "Earth creator", making decisions on Earth.

     Be nice to your past lives, and they might help you out more. They might not because they want to save their energy for jobs at the past life "village", where past lives work and go to past life stores. Or they might want to just "hibernate", which is to sit or lie in their "ball" and usually think a happy thought. When they stop hibernating, they come out (the ball seems to change into them, and disapears) and appear as the body you the human had during a life, an incarnation on a planet, usually about 25 years old. -What you looked like when you were 25 years old during that incarnation. They can be tiny, 1/16th inch, to about one quarter inch to two inches or more high. When they are hibernating in your mind, they are very tiny balls. If you have lived five thousand lives, your mind should contain five thousand past lives. If you hurt a past life, then it is two hundred lives without being given a past life. -you wont remember who you married as well, and what you looked like, and not hear the story of those lives. Usually past lives like to tell their stories of your life to you. In the next world they can appear in front of you, about two inches tall, and can talk and walk. Sometimes they fly. Then they can tell their story to you. People are supposed to talk to their past lives.

     They are another species, to help humans with their memories and personalities. They also help your mind stay on to help your body, and can help you recognize friends. They usually go to past life heavan after five million to twenty million years or more.

     If you have married someone seven times, seven lives, then those seven past lives can help you meet the one you married, again on Earth. They help both with better feelings.


     Past lives are remembered by a memory device, that holds three thousand to twenty thousnd lives - incarnations of the one human. Most memory devices hold six thousand incarnations I think. -Depends which order (organization from the less dense matter lands of the next world, where people reincarnate from) , they have different size and designs memory devices. This way, when the past lives go to past life heavan, you can still have a memory of them.

     Although sometimes these devices go to "sleep" after about five billion years, you can wake them up again. The creators of people are still working on new design memory devices, and new ones are planned.

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